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Livesets is an on-demand platform that connects DJs, producers and fans. To achieve this, we offer DJs a free service to share their performances on-line. Livesets uses built in broadcast functionality that is available in most DJ software. This makes it easy to connect and reliable because it does not use extra system resources on the DJs laptop. While sharing a performance, DJs can play as usual without the need to run extra software or open the website. The only requirement is a stable Internet connection.

On remote locations where there is no regular Internet connection available, DJs can simply use their Smartphone as Wi-Fi hotspot to connect their laptop to Internet. Broadcasting a DJ set on Livesets uses very little bandwidth and this provides more then enough speed.

No extra software is required to use Livesets. We convert all live streams into standard audio formats like mp3. Listeners can tune in with all devices using our HTML5 audio player, or with an external audio player.

We record every live session and DJs can share them afterwards. Sessions up to 10 hours are no exception and we have seen a few already. For example this NYE 2013 session. As our user base keeps growing, we expect to see longer sessions in the feature.

From a fans perspective, we make it possible that they hear their favorite DJs perform live, without actually being there. Nice if they can't make it or when they're on their way to an event and don't want to miss a thing.

But where would a DJ be without music? Therefor we close the circle by sharing the complete tracklist of each live session. This is an automated process and no interaction of the performing DJ is required. It ables listeners to get inspired and buy tracks directly on Juno. It also ables us to pay royalties to performing right agencies. A fair share for everyone.

Livesets is designed for the broadcasting of live DJ sessions only. Prerecorded- or automated broadcasts are not permitted. Also we do not allow the broadcasting of talkshows or any other spoken shows. If desired, DJs may add comments during a live session, but it has to be all about the music. Accounts that do not follow these simple rules will be suspended.

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