How it works

After you have signed up for a Livesets account, you will be provided with your own slot on one of our broadcast servers. When you've passed our connection test and our soundcheck, your account is activated. After adding some test sessions to get familiar with the concept you'll be ready to use Livesets.

Getting started
Make a booking, take you gear over and play your set as usual. During your set, make sure that broadcasting is enabled in your software. While you are playing, visitors worldwide can listen to your session live and see which tracks you play. If you want to allow only a select group of listeners, you can secure access to your stream.

Twitter plug-in
If you enable our Twitter plug-in, the tracks that you play during your session, are posted in real-time on your Twitter account.

Publish your sessions
During every session, we record the audio, along with a timestamped playlist. After you've finished playing you can login to the website. You will then be notified that a new session is saved and ready to be published. With the click of a button, the session will be published to your profile page along with a waveform and the timestamped playlist.

Interactive playlist
Visitors can listen back your saved sessions on-demand. With each session a waveform is displayed along with the playlist. Each track in the playlist is marked on the waveform at the exact position where you've mixed it in. By clicking on a track in the playlist, listeners jump directly to the part in your session where you've mixed in the specific track. Your style and mixing skills will get full attention.

Studio recordings
You can also use Livesets as a tool to share sets on a regular basis. Let's say that you record a studio set weekly. When using Livesets, you automatically record your set and playlist while playing. After you've finished, just login to Livesets and publish your set. It will then be available for playback on your Livesets profile page immediately.

Self reflection
To develop your skills further, or test new techniques and ideas, you'll need a proper learning tool that enables you to listen back your work. By listening to certain parts over and over again, you'll be able to develop yourself.

Our main goal is exposure for DJ's as well as Producers. In time, DJ profile pages become portfolio's and act as business cards. Producers are promoted every time their tracks are played by DJ's connected to Livesets. We link each track in a playlist to Juno where it can be bought directly.

If you are DJ and you use software like Traktor, we invite you to use Livesets.

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