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Network- and service upgrades

2020/04/20 - So what to do, when the daily visitors go up 50x in one week? We let it happen and fine tuned in the process. This resulted in some downtime, but we had to go through this process to determine what settings needed to be optimized. A few weeks later now and we have eliminated the issues that prevented our service to run stable on an higher load. We've also upgraded our bandwidth and there is now more than enough room to expand further. And last but not least; we are working on a whole new version for quite some time now. And the latest developments put it all faster forward. It won't be long until the new version will be released. It will be a huge improvement to the current platform in both usability and speed. So bare with us, as we are moving forward. If you have feature requests or feedback, please drop us a message.

Livesets Twitter App reactivated

2019/02/06 - Our Twitter App is up and running again. When you link you Twitter account to your profile, the tracks you play, will be Tweeted to your Twitter timeline. Eacht tweet looks like "#nowplaying ♫: Artist Name - Track name @livesets".

New name

2015/12/24 - Due to legal issues we decided to change our name from Beatbravo to Livesets. While we were in the process of registering Beatbravo as a trademark, Beats by Dre objected because they claim to own al names with the word Beat in it. After months of waiting between legal writings, we decided to change our name. Mainly because in the middle of it, Beats by Dre was taken over by Apple and the legal writings changed even more in our disadvantage. Who knows where it would have ended, but we decided to invest our energy in more positive things. So good luck to you Apple & Beats by Dre! From now on, we continue under the name Livesets.

Continuous playback

2014/08/27 - We have improved our session player. Sessions longer than one hour now keep playing and the next part starts directly after the previous part has finished. Enjoy!

Improved lay-out on Smartphones

2014/08/14 - We have improved the lay-out of Beatbravo for a better user experience on Smartphones. Read more about this upgrade on our changelog page >

Beatbravo 2.1 Released

2014/07/31 - Today we have released Beatbravo version 2.1. In this new version, the activity section is added. Read more about this upgrade on our changelog page >

Beatbravo 2.0 Released

2014/07/25 - Last week we have released Beatbravo version 2.0. This release has lots of new features and improvements, such as: a brand new live section; user interaction: follow / like / chat; connection security with SSL and much more! Read more about this upgrade on our brand new changelog page >

Improved audio player

2014/06/25 - We have improved our audio player for a better user experience. All sounds now keep playing while browsing the website. The currently playing session or live stream is accessible on every page in the new audio player that is located in the top right corner. More improvements will follow soon.

User interaction

2014/05/08 - As more and more DJs are using Beatbravo, it is time to start interacting with each other. As a first step we have added the possibility to like- and comment published sessions.

Partnership Juno Records

2014/02/07 - We have started a collaboration with Juno Records. With this new partnership we can offer our visitors up-to-date track identification and a reliable source to buy records.

Beatbravo Berlin Edition

2013/09/16 - After an inspiring trip to Berlin, Beatbravo teams up to review the experience. During this special Berlin Edition we bring you live DJ sessions from team Beatbravo & Beatbravo members.The entire event will be broadcasted live and exclusively on Beatbravo. Click here to view the details >

Social plugins improved

2013/08/01 - You can now connect your Facebook account to a regular account. This is useful for people that have signed up by e-mail and want to login with Facebook. Another new feature is the possibility to disconnect a social account. Useful when you want to connect another account. To access these features, login to Beatbravo, go to the settings area and click on Facebook or Twitter in the 'Connection' section.

Live video streaming

2013/07/05 - We have added the possibility to add a live video feed during all live performances. DJs can add their video feed from the broadcast section in their Beatbravo account.

Mixxx support added

2013/07/03 - We are proud to announce that we now fully support Mixxx. After Traktor and Virtual DJ, this is the third DJ software package we fully support! A tutorial is added to our broadcast FAQ section that helps Mixxx users to connect their software with us.

Improved live streams

2013/06/18 - We have made some major improvements to our live streams. Listener dropout- and page reload issues now belong to the past.

Login with Facebook

2013/06/16 - Today we have added the possibility to login with your Facebook account.

Live streams available on all devices

2013/04/22 - Live streams are now available in all browsers on all devices, including iPhone and iPad. We have replaced our Flash player for an HTML5 audio player and we offer all streams in two audio formats. From now on everyone can tune in live!

Event section and event details

2013/04/20 - Events in the event schedule are now visible on the profile page of the corresponding DJ. Every event links to a dedicated page that holds detailed information about the event.

New live section with event schedule

2013/04/08 - Today we have launched our brand new 'live' section. One of the most interesting features of the new live section is the 'event schedule'.DJ's can now announce upcoming events that they are planning to broadcast on Beatbravo in this schedule. This helps listeners to tune in at the right time.

Virtual DJ support added

2013/03/18 - We are proud to announce that we now fully support Virtual DJ. After Traktor, this is the second DJ software package we fully support! A brand new tutorial is added to our broadcast FAQ section that helps Virtual DJ users to connect their software with us. We invite all Virtual DJ users to get connected!

Dancefair photos

2013/02/20 - We thank everyone for a great weekend! If you want to see how we did, take a look at our Dancefair photo album on our Facebook page.

Meet us @ Dancefair

2013/01/19 - On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 February we will host our own stand on Dancefair 2013 in Utrecht. We invite everybody to come over and meet us! We are looking for DJ's who can broadcast live on during Dancefair. If you want to participate, please contact us. For more information, see our event on Facebook.

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