About Us

Beatbravo is a multimedia based platform for DJ's who are using software with broadcast capabilities. Our mission is to deliver stream facilities to all digital DJ's worldwide. Therefore we challenge all digital DJ's to show the world who you are and share your musical ideas!

Target group

Beatbravo has focused on digital DJ's using Traktor Pro or Traktor Scratch Pro. The reason we have made this choice, is that Traktor offers build in broadcast capabilities. This makes it very easy for Traktor users to connect with us. There is no need to install any third party software.

Get connected

After you have signed up for a Beatbravo account, you will be provided with your own broadcast slot on one of our Icecast servers. After you've passed our connection test, you are ready to broadcast.

Go live!
Make a booking, take you gear over and play your set as usual. During your set, make sure that broadcasting is enabled in Traktor. While you are playing a media player appears on your Beatbravo profile page that enables visitors to tune in to your set live. Users can also open the broadcast in an external player such as I-Tunes or Winamp. If you want to allow only a select group of listeners, you can secure access to your stream with a username and password. If you enable Twitter integration, the names of the tracks you play during your set are automatically posted on your Twitter account.

Create podcasts
During your set, we automatically record the audio stream, along with a time marked playlist. After you finished playing, login to your Beatbravo account. You will then be notified that a new set is saved. By the click of a button, the set set will be divided in parts of one hour each. Per hour, a waveform will be created and the playlist is added. This new set will then appear on your profile page.

Interactive playlist
Visitors of you profile page, can listen back your performance. They can browse trough your set hour by hour. Per hour a waveform is displayed along with the playlist. Each track in the playlist is marked on the waveform at the exact position where you've mixed it in. By clicking on a track in the playlist, listeners jump directly to the part in your podcast where you've mixed in that specific track. Your style and mixing skills will get full attention of fans ass well as event organizers looking for new talent. In time your set collection grows and you're building your portfolio.

Studio recordings
You can also use Beatbravo as a tool to share sets on a regular basis. Let's say that you record a studio set weekly. When using Beatbravo, you automatically record your set and playlist while playing. After you've finished, just login to Beatbravo and publish your set. It will then be available for playback on your Beatbravo profile page immediately.

Self reflection

If you want to develop your skill further, or test new techniques, you need a proper learning tool that enables you to listen back your work. By listening certain parts over and over, you will be able to improve yourself further and further.

If you are using Traktor, we invite you to try Beatbravo.
At the moment we offer this service free of charge.

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