On this page, you can find an overview of our most important features.

Live broadcasting

Live broadcasting is the core of the Livesets service. We provide DJs with the following live features:

  • Your own personal broadcast slot on one of our broadcast servers.
  • Listeners worldwide, can tune in to your session live every time you play.
  • Listeners can tune in live using the built in audio player on your profile page ( no Flash ).
  • Listeners can also tune in with an external media player such as iTunes or Winamp.
  • During your session the tracks you play are displayed in realtime on your profile page.
  • Possibility to secure access to your live stream.

Publish your sessions

During every broadcast, Livesets records your session along with a timestamped playlist. If you've finished playing, you can login to Livesets and choose to reset or publish your session. If you choose to publish, your session is divided in one hour parts. For each hour a waveform is created and the playlist is attached. After publication, your session is available on the website immediately. These are the key benefits:
  • Recorded live, so no uploading afterwards; "one click" publication.
  • A timestamped tracklist is automatically attached.
  • No time limits.

Twitter integration

You can link your Twitter account to Livesets and Livesets can post a Tweet on your Twitter account every time you play a new track. This enables your fans to see which tracks you play in real-time.

Share recorded sessions

When you publish a session on Livesets, you can share the session with fans or followers worldwide. The session player has the following features:

  • A waveform to visualize the audio.
  • A timestamped playlist.
  • Ability to jump to every track you've played on the specific moment you've mixed it in.
  • Rich track information such as genre and cover.
  • Listeners can buy the tracks you've played, directly on Juno.
  • Works in all modern browsers.
  • Easily share your sessions on Facebook or Twitter.

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