Virtual DJ broadcast FAQ

This is the Virtual DJ broadcast setup FAQ section.

Why are my tracknames not displayed?

To enable track listing from Virtual DJ, you must run the broadcast Wizard in the broadcast section of your Livesets account. It is important that you fully run the wizard once. After you have passed the sound check, you are ready to go.

Why does the music stops playing

If you use an Internet connection with low bandwidth (upload speed), you might experience connection issues. Listeners notice because the sound stops suddenly. If this happens often, you might have low bandwidth. To fix this, try to lower your bitrate in Virtual Dj:
  • Open Virtual DJ and click on the "Record tab" underneath your decks.
  • Click on "Broadcast" in the left menu.
  • Then click on "Config" in the main section.
  • A new window will now open.
  • Try to lower the Bitrate to a value that is stable enough.

Please note that you must disconnect first before making the changes to the broadcast settings.


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