Traktor broadcast FAQ

This is the Traktor broadcast setup FAQ section.

Why can't I connect?

When you've configured Traktor with the TSI import file, your broadcast settings in Traktor are correct. When you've completed the setup wizard, but Traktor still fails to connect, it's most likely that you are behind a firewall that blocks access. The firewall could be installed on your computer, router or in some cases with your ISP. Traktor connects to Livesets on port 80. If you experience connection problems, verify that you have outbound access (TCP & UDP) on port 80.

Why is the first track not displayed?

During your broadcast, Traktor sends the name of each track you play to Livesets. When you've played a track before you start your broadcast, Traktor will not send the name of that track when you start broadcasting. This is a know issue in Traktor. To work around this, close Traktor and then open Traktor again. Now load the first track you want to play in a deck of your choice, but do not play it. Now click the broadcast icon in Traktor. When you're connected, play the track. Traktor now does send the name of the first track.

Why are there unplayed tracks in my playlist?

Sometimes there are tracks in your playlist that you have not realy played. This happens for example when you prelisten tracks on your headphones. By default Traktor sends the name of a track you play after 10 seconds of playing it. Traktor does this for all tracks you play, no mather why you play them. So this also counts for tracks you prelisten in your headphones and even for tracks you play in decks that are not live.

Fortunately, you can change the amount of time that Traktor waits before it sends the name of the track you play. Go to "Preferences" > "Transport". In the right area, in the "Play Count" section; set "Min. Playtime" to a higher value. We recommend you set the value anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds.

After changing the "Min Playtime", do a test broadcasts to see if the new value fits your needs. Keep in mind, Traktor counts as long as you play a track. If you stop playing and start again, Traktor starts counting again from zero (0).

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