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-DJ Lexakhan

I dropped in on this venue in November. I found the Native Son a properly operated swill spot complete with all the needed features. The bar staff maintained a jovial demeanor. People got their drinks before they grew too sober, the decor did not get too garish or themed, and etc.

For my money and time though, the man who kept this space alive and thriving on a somewhat chilly night for dancing had to be DJ LEXAKHAN. This DJ dropped the right hit every time, he politely dealt with a few ladies who made a few thousand song requests, and he was exceedingly congenial to me when I asked once if he would play a favorite Jazz-Funk song of mine. Not only did DJ Lexakhan play the request, he pantomimed playing the saxophone whenever the instrument reentered the track. I am certain this man had everyone, and I meant it, dancing on the patio area until I wondered whether the flooring might give way. This concern definitely sat at at the forefront of my mind when DJ Lexakhan dropped "Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison. Then it more or less recurred when he dropped other nostalgic hits like "Hypnotize"" and "Juicy."

DJ Lexakhan creates a feelgood atmosphere with ease and elan. I recommend the Native Son on nights when THE LexaKhan is keeping beats popping and heads bobbing. So head over to The Native Son sometime, and DJ Lexakhan will let you know what the music is doing to your head. - Ken H.


Wed 2020/04/01
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