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Born in Minnesota, raised in Elkhart, Indiana, and having migrated from Michigan and from the burbs of Chicago to Tennessee, Alabama, and now San Antonio, Texas, Eric Woodiwiss aka DJ Woody, makes and DJs a sound that reflects this transitory life. Drawing from a multitude of interests and influences--deep, minimal, dub, tech, acid, psychedelic, ambient, noise, avant garde, experimental--these sound inspirations somehow harmonize into a deep-seated expression of unsettled and searching sounds brought together by gravity and common purpose. After first honing his skills as a radio DJ in college at Vanderbilt, Woody became an early driving force behind the budding techno scene in Nashville, eventually releasing several EPs on Oliver Dodd's techno label Konstructure under his artist moniker Empathic and spearheading the Something Wicked and BERLIN parties held there. Woody muses the hypnotic tribal currents of techno and house but his sound is deep, unsentimental, tight-roping between the visceral and intellectual. As he has matured, his sets have become less bound by restrictions in genre or tone, as he has strived to make them more narrative, dynamic, and journey-inducing. Above all, Woody's hope is that as a DJ he will be a channel of light and love to those who hear him and that the music he shares will create powerful and spiritual experiences for those who listen. Currently, Woody has joined forces with the newly formed B.A.E.S.H.I.P. collective in San Antonio to bring his sound to the San Antonio & Austin metroplex.


Thu 2020/04/16
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