Viktor Andrei


''Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is heaven.''

Romanian-born Victor Mandru, better known as DJ/Producer Viktor Andrei, began his career as a DJ in 2010, not adhering to one style, he is drawing inspiration from the hypnotic melodies and seductive grooves of melodic techno and deep house genres.
As a mixing style, Viktor Andrei aims to achieve an even groove enjoyable as a "dance-floor experience" and headphone one.
Exploring the various genres in music he often brings together deep or minimal techno music with some dub elements resulting in unforgettable seductive bass-line, fiery kicks, sharp snares, and deliciously dusty vocals. Sometimes hypnotic, sometimes energetic, he will change your mood with the speed of a lightning storm establishing radiation that it will barely keep you away from the dance floor.
He started his journey as a producer in 2018, because of the need of expressing his own emotion through music.
Completely self-taught he produces a unique and varied blend of progressive, melodic techno, deep house, and anything in between, where he takes his listeners on an intimate, emotional, exciting journey.


Sat 2016/05/28
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