The Sunset Clause


The Sunset Clause is a daily broadcast hosted by Will Howard, of the ambient band Friends of Valium Forest. It is part of the podcast In Verse and Noise, and if you miss the stream, you can listen to it on whatever podcast platform you prefer.

On this show, Will showcases his favourite tracks, from the worlds of chilled psychedellic rock, Harcore Punk, prog rock, and weirded out electronica. Be prepared, dear listeners, for a journey in to the dark depths of the influences of Friends of Valium Forest.

Streams are held every day at 19:00 (Grenwich Mean Time)

Happy Listening, Friends :)

Have a request? Want a shoutout? Give us a bell at or text us on 07423832718

Listen to Friends of Valium Forest at:
Listen to the In Verse and Noise Podcast:


Tue 2021/03/02
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