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Wir sind die Techno Injection: Tobias Hörmann & Manu Hirschbek& Hunter Experiences
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Christian Reichert alias Hunter is or was a permanent DJ size in the Hamburg area in the 80s and 90s .. influenced by Gary D and Steve Mason he refined his unique sound over the years .. Whether in the lyceum, tunnel, glass house, and G- Move .. Everywhere he left his sound that people have never forgotten until today. The absolute highlight for him was of course the Love Parade, which he was allowed to accompany musically ..... and this unforgettable moment still resonates today .. With the inspiration I created the group and we are the Techno Injection: Manu Hirschbek and BETTgefluester Music and Tobias Hörmann who made a name for himself with small and loud & 420hz in Hamburg.
We are the Techno Injection: Tobias Hörmann Manu Hirschbek Hunter


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