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Hello there, I am a Dorset-based chap (originally from the North West of England) who's behind the cider-drenched deep house monster that is "Earthbound Sounds".

I focus on the deep house and deep funk end of the musical spectrum, playing the finest tunes from this genre that are available to humanity. .

I've been involved with DJing in one way or another for over 20 years. Sometimes I play in front of human beings (if asked nicely) but I am primarily studio-based. I use a Lenovo gaming laptop, a Traktor Kontrol S4Mk3, a Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk1 and a Traktor Kontrol F1.
If you like my style and want to let me know, or if you even want me to come out and play for you, I can be contacted at the Stour Beat Factory Facebook page. Keep it funny though, I'm always in need of new material.


Fri 2015/11/27
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Thu 2024/05/16
Stour Beat Factory
Stour Beat Factory
Stour Beat Factory, United Kingdom

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