Squid... living in the south of the Netherlands, Helmond. Born in the late sixties he grew up with the powerfull beats of soul and funk muziq. Bands like Parliament, Funkadelic and the Avarage White Band defined his musical taste.

In the eighties he found another passion in the simplicity of reggae muziq, with artists like Steel Pulse, Burning Spear, Alpha Blondy and Bob Marley.

In the nineties he was suprised and amazed about the upcoming house scene and the powerfull energy and kindness that surrounded house parties. He started mixing himself and together with his older brother dj Rool'ow and their youth neighbor vj Decade they started GROOVEPACT and organize parties in the minimal and techno scene.

Nowadays Squid is primarily busy with releasing home recorded mixes, with the latest in minimal, techhouse and techno... feel the VIBE, feel the BEAT and just ENJOY!!!


Thu 2013/10/17
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