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Hey guys & gals, thanks for checking out my Live Sets page.

I mainly use this site a place to archive & share all the mixes I do live on Twitch a few nights a week. Every session here was a live stream there, on Twitch. So that's why occasionally theres some weird (non-typical dj) stuff in some of these sets, like really long intros.

I live stream as Rob_strange_McNamara on Twitch. I do DJ streams & a variety of video game streams. Come hang out, say hi, ask questions & see how it all goes down. My streams are usually very chill but still a lot of fun.

Hopefully I'll see you soon & thank you so much for listening!

Love Rob.

Twitch: Rob_strange_McNamara
Twitter: @Rob_strange_McN


Sat 2017/02/18
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Sun 2021/02/14
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Sun 2021/02/14

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