Psymon Cortex


A hobbits tail by Psymon Cortex, born 1982 and grew up listening to a wide amount of music, first memories of electronic music was of M.A.R.R.S pump up the volume which I will still say was ahead of its time!. By age 10 witnessed my first DJ set in a friends older brothers room banging out da luna to the beat of the drum and Josh wink's higher state of consciousness. Finally got decks in 2000 and started spinning hip hop,drum and bass and any other vinyl I came across, pretty much self taught beat matching can't scratch but can throw down a good spin back! Lol, Found myself in Nottingham with friends living the Uni life without the Uni people's in the household would tend to agree, at one point had a fresher at the front door nearly in tears coz we were partying hard on the regular and he couldn't sleep hehe. Dressing gown on down the club and create many a session which brought about the introduction to psychedelic trance......Fond memories of people,randoms,places and situations, always loved watching the sun come up over some random field dancing to trance. Have now started mixing trance and hope to play for anyone and everyone, like a DJ once said " you don't come , I can't play and I love to play " .....Peace love and unity xx


Mon 2017/07/17
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Wed 2017/10/04
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Sat 2017/10/28
Psymon Cortex
Psymon Cortex
Nottingham, United Kingdom

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