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When I was a teenager, I was somewhat of a hip-hop junkie. Although I've been a poet since childhood and wrote my own raps during my adolescence, I was always fascinated by the beats in hip-hop music too, It wasn't until I was around 18 or 19 that I discovered electronic music.

I started spinning vinyl on two cheap Numark turntables when I was around 20. After a year or two, I bought some Gemini CDJs and improved my beatmixing skills. In 2013, I moved to Asia and traded all my old equipment for a Traktor set up, mostly for practical reasons. The functionality that digital DJing affords has allowed me to fluently play a much broader ensemble of tunes and gives me more time to be creative with my selections and transitions.

I had a residency at a club called Fusion when I lived in Thailand, but since I have lived in Vietnam, I have just played at a handful of gigs and events, including the renowned Quest Festival. My dream nowadays is to save up and build my own bar or club and run my own nights there. However in the meantime, I am just hoping to get a few regular slots here in Vietnam.


Thu 2017/10/12
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