DJ Mina Kam, is a charismatic and energetic performer bred in Los Angeles, California. Ever the innovator, he creates original sounds influenced by world music, resulting in a musical style that spans urban fusion, trap, Latin house and world music in general. DJ Mina Kam has performed in self-produced festivals and events across the United States, Italy, Spain, and Bulgaria.
Having been influenced by such musical styles as world music, Original Chicago House, and West Coast Funk, DJ Mina Kam studied Music Science in college where he learned the ins and outs of sound engineering. Never having a specific interest in just one genre, he began remixing tracks, eventually moving on to producing his own original music and dj’ing. Inspired by the various sounds, textures, and musical styles involved in world music, he began to produce his own brand of urban fusion, eventually branching out into tropical-fusion and tribal styles as well.
With his background in event coordination and the entertainment industry, DJ Mina Kam created Bass Sounds of the Universe, an EDM network that brings together the best vibes from every corner of the world - sounds full of love, bass, energy, and uplifting feelings.
BSOU was created to collaborate with musicians and producers worldwide, taking EDM to a whole new level, creating experiences that are about everyone, not just about the person performing.


Fri 2020/03/20
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